The idea of the band has been around in the heads of Zoltán Csonka (guitarist) and András Belicza (timbales) but they only started working on it in 2010 when they started to look for more members. They knew they had to find musicians who are masters of their instruments yet are also able to learn something new and uncommon so they turned their attention towards younger artists. They were in luck as they have managed to find them all swiftly - as a domino, one brought the other.

When the band was formed, it started out with what you would call "reduced numbers" with the help of Árpád Bakó (bass player), Tamás Rádi (keyboard instruments), Ádám Uzsorás (singer) and Jr. Attila Zombori (drum player). János Monori joined after a couple of months, who plays the conga, an instrument irreplaceable for the real "Santana-style".

We had our first concert in Lakitelek in 2010 where we met a huge success thanks to our unique style. In the following years, everyone was working on acquiring the sound of the Master and his band and, luckily, we were getting closer to achieving it with each concert.

The band had its first larger project in June 2012 when we, with the help of Gábor Audió and Origó Stúdió, recorded our very first, over two-hours long concert movie in the House of Science and Technology (Tudomány és Technika Háza) in Kecskemét. It was this concert at which Jr. Zoltán Csonka (rythmic guitar) joined us. Back then it seemed his membership was only temporary, however, the overall sound with the two guitars seemed so different, so much better that he has been a permanent member ever since.

The first major change in the lineup of the band happened in May 2013 when Jr. Attila Zombori was not able to attend concerts anymore, thus András Belicza switched from timbales to drums. Our group managed to overcome these difficulties with ease and we went on for another year with this setup with great success. Nothing shows this better than the Milagro - Acoustic concert we held and recorded in July 2013 in Romkert, Kecskemét where the band transformed the original Santana songs into a new, low-key acoustic form that suited the atmosphere of the place and was loved by the audience.

2013 brought other changes as well when András Kristóf became our manager and his hard work and dedication was shown on both the numbers and quality of our concerts. We, however, were really missing the timbales so we decided to look for a new drummer and let András Belicza fill his original role. Thus, Imre Kiss became our new drummer in November 2013 and gave such energy and push to the whole band that we became more and not only in numbers.

The greatest turning point, however, was in 2014 when, thanks to the dedication of András Kristóf, we were starting to be known more and more which helped us bring the real music to different points of our country.